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The Therapy Center operates as a rehabilitation facility within the walls of Lake Charles Care Center. They work as a team with our facility staff and administration to achieve common goals and uphold the values of the home. The therapists combine their knowledge and abilities with that of the long-term care personnel to create a powerful multi-disciplinary team.


The Therapy Center has successfully combined the outstanding qualifications of physical and occupational therapists as well as speech-language pathologists to form a specialized and elite team of professionals. Together, this group is able to provide optimal resident care through comprehensive, thorough treatment. In addition, the same team of therapists is present in the facility and works with residents on a daily basis. This allows them to become more familiar with each residentís specific needs and progress.


     - Must have Medicare Part A benefits

     - Must have a qualifying hospital stay - minimum of 3 midnights

     - Must be admitted into a skilled facility within 30 days of a hospital discharge with a diagnosis that 
       requires skilled nursing services and/or skilled rehab service

     - Skilled services must be ordered by a physician

If a patient does not meet the Medicare Part A criteria, then it is possible that Medicare Part B or private insurance would cover rehabilitation services in a skilled nursing facility. Contact Lake Charles Care Center to discuss your individual benefit requirements.


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