How Can Therapy Help?

Explore Our Premier Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

Exercises utilizing our first-rate equipment are coupled with your personal goals and prescribed for a quick recovery post-injury, illness or surgery.

Occupational Therapy

Innovative activities and techniques are employed to increase independent function while preparing for your return home in a safe environment.

Speech Therapy

A pathologist directs a comprehensive plan of action, including evaluation and remediation for speech, language, cognitive and swallowing difficulties.

Other Services

Specialized Orthopedic Care

Comprehensive care for all post-surgical joint replacements and fractures is provided while integrated modality-based clinical programs are implemented to decrease pain and accelerate healing. To ensure safety, adaptive equipment is utilized prior to assessments. Additionally, outpatient orthopedic and neurologic rehab is available post-discharge.

Neurologic-Specific Care

While optimizing physical recovery and movement, skilled expertise in communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders ensures an improved quality of life.

Post-Acute Care: IV Therapy and Wound Care

When your hospital stay is over, but your therapies are not, allow The Lodge to provide the 24-hour care you need before returning home. Post-hospital IV therapy and wound care, including wound vacs, are part of the specialized services offered at The Lodge.

How do patients qualify for Skilled Services for therapy?


Have Medicare Part A benefits


Have qualifying 3-night hospital stay (for traditional Medicare plan)


Skilled services must be ordered by a physician


Be admitted into a skilled facility within 30 days of a hospital discharge with a diagnosis that requires skilled nursing services and/or skilled rehab services

If a resident does not meet the Medicare Part A criteria, then it is possible that Medicare Part B or private insurance would cover rehabilitation services in a skilled nursing facility. Contact The Lodge to discuss your individual benefit requirements.

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