Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of treatment prescribed when injury or illness makes daily tasks difficult or painful.

Your physician may suggest physical therapy for a range of issues, including back pain, tendon or ligament problems, arthritis and other illnesses and injuries. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain and inflammation, strengthen muscles, increase range of motion and accelerate healing so that you can return home to your level of independence. Your individualized treatment plan could utilize several treatment methods including exercise, massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation and the application of heat or ice.

Advanced Technologies, Programs and Techniques


OmniCycle Therapeutic Exercise System, providing upper and lower-extremity biofeedback driven exercise options for patients with varying physical and functional limitations


NeuroSage technology and equipment enabling the brain and the body to work synergistically via a process called Systemic Neural Adaptation


Free weights for traditional motor strengthening, coordination and neurological re-education


Ultrasound for deep tissue heating to minimize muscle pain and movement dysfunction, with customized clinical protocols and pathways unique to each patient


Multiple electrical stimulation interventions and moist heat application to address several areas including pain management, poor motor control, muscle strengthening and motor re-training


Diathermy to deliver and moderate heat directly to pathological legions in deep tissue


Adjustable hi/low mats to simulate various functional transfers (including car) to prepare for either return to home or to decrease fall risk for in-facility transfers


Parallel bars


Stair and step platforms with and without rails to simulate various home and community environments and increase independence and safety awareness with functional mobility


Dementia Capable Care Certifications obtained by all staff and therapists

Getting Started

1. Contact Us

Let your Case Manager at the hospital know that you are interested in The Lodge. The Case Manager will contact our Admissions Coordinator and forward your information for review. Our Admissions Coordinator will be in contact with you or your family to discuss our community, availability, approval process, and payment options. Your medical information will be reviewed by The Lodge’s Nursing Department to ensure we can meet your healthcare needs. Our Business Office will verify insurance coverage if applicable.

2. Visit With Us

A representative from our facility may visit you in the hospital. Our Admissions Coordinator will also schedule your tour of our community.

3. Plan Your Arrival

Upon approval for admission to our community, our Admissions Coordinator will contact you or your family and the hospital Case Manager to discuss discharge planning.

4. Utilize Our Transportation

Transportation will be provided by The Lodge.

5. Provide Information

Upon admission, the following items will be requested:

  • Insurance cards
  • Power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Financial information such as bank statements

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